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Cora Amundsen Frank S Hendren

25 Jan 1921

George William Hendren Sr
Ellen Francis Burch George Henry Hendren

24  Jun 1897

George William Hendren Sr
Rose Ella Butts Frank A. Meacham

3 Sep 1885

Sue Gullickson
Catherine (Kate) Conway John Owen McMahon 3  March 1886 Phyllis Zane
Mary Conway Fred W Hendren


George William Hendren Sr
Mary Dorothy Daniels  Raymond Earl Janssen   27 Feb 1942 Nancy Pearson
Iva May Hamlin  Frank Pary Morrill


Alice Fluegge
Alice Hendren John C Johnson

21 May 1889

George William Hendren Sr
Francis Agnes Hendren Peter Hubert Daniels


George William Hendren Sr
Anna Mikkelsen Nels Chris Swendsen Feb. 28, 1911 Carol C. Eddleman
Emma June Morrill  Frank A Whitman  03 July 1887 Alice Fluegge
Jessie May Rowan John Lars Peterson Oct 1893 Anne Benson
Anita Paradis  Joseph Pierce


K. D. Lewis

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