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mint A copy of a letter written in 1890 from Pipestone

      This is a copy of a letter written from Thomas Morrill in Pipestone, MN to his son Andrew in Coupeville, WA. It is written shortly after the death of his daughter Emma Morrill Whitman. She died in Palatine, IL of TB shortly after the death of her husband Frank Whitman.  In this letter he discusses her death, where she wanted her children placed.

Pipestone Nov 9 /90
Dear Andy,

     After some delay, I will try & tell you how things are a going with us. Dear Emma's gone. She died the 24th of Oct. Mother & Frank stated the same they was there to the funeral on Sunday the 26th. She seemed to be very reconciled to go.  Her request was that the old folks keep Libby the oldest child as long as they live, then we are to have her. The boy (the Babe) Ella was to have. He is with Ella and he is a Bright child. They got back on Wednesday the 27th all the expenses was settled up. The friends at Palatine were all very good to Frank and Emma in their sickness.  It is a sad thing, but all was done that seems could be done for them.
     Now about our business we have got a long with the work very well. Ed has the plowing nearly done. I have the corn all in the crib, about 500 bus of ears, now the thresher is here. They came here last Thursday, threshed until Saturday noon. Then quit on account of a snowstorm, the first of the season.  So today is pleasant with 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground. I will have one more day for them then Ed has 1 1/2 days.  My wheat goes about 7 bushels per acre. Wheat is down to 75 cents,  Flax $1.17. I sold one load of corn in
town for 40 cents potatoes 60 cents sold 10 bush carrots for 50 cents per bush. Politics has run high this fall. The alliance is getting strong in this state. The election has gone mild in these parts.  The Democrats & alliance are getting into power in the most of the state. Frank Coburn is elected as a Representative from LaCrosse District to Congress, Peck is Governor.  I may make a visit to Wis. the winter am not sure.   It is a going to be dull here Mr. Huntley has sold his farm for $3000 then I hear   Mr. Benard has bought that other place of Huntley for $2200 Mr. Lawton had thought he had sold but the man failed to come back.  Frank still talks of taking this place have not heard from  Kan for sometime.  I have just rcvd the pictures of Uncle
Lionel's children they are very nice.  Ed Jones has rented his places in Du is or has gone back to the valley. Mr. Bartlett has built a new house in town is going to move there has rented the farm.
     Now,  A.J. I will close this form now please answer soon. I tell you more in my next.  Now Andy I think it right for me & you boys to contribute some to Ella for her care & trouble in the care of Emma's child.   Whatever you may feel willing to do will be thankfully received.  I gave $20.00, Ed gave 20 to mother when she went to Palatine. Frank paid his bill.  I have not talked to him since he got back, do not know how the matter stands.  Frank had sent Emma some money before her death.

I close for Now
Will direct to Blaine for now
Very respectfully
Your father,
T Morrill

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