Seeds of Kindness Pipestone County

Diamond Corner

mint History of the Diamond Corner
Submitted by: Nancy Pearson

     My grandparents Ray and Dorothy Janssen ran the Diamond Corner for some 30 years until the untimely death of Ray in June 1976.  It was a great gathering place for all.

     For those who don't remember the Diamond Corner was located at the corner of Hwy 30 and the Woodstock Corner.  We had many happy memories there.  Baseball games in the ditch. Play houses in the back yard. My grandpa always had a great train set up for Christmas every year. He had several on a large board for all to see.  The Diamond Corner was a gas station and a 3/2 bar.   On Sundays a lot of the local people would come out and watch the game on my grandfathers 25'" color TV. it was big back then.  I spent many summers down there as a young child and teen.  It seemed years ago that winter was a lot hard there. a lot of snow My grandmother has pictures of the hwy and it looks like a tunnel on hwy 30.  She said more then once how people would get stranded and be very thankful they were close to the hwy and would have to stay at the Diamond Corner until the plows would come through.

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