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Unknown Photos

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Davis Ellendad
John Edward (Jack) Davis his wife is Mary Francis Crosby.  The two boys are James (Jimmy) and Robert (Bob) Davis
Tammy Stuart
        This is a photo of Ellen (Burch) Hendren and her son Vincent Leroy Hendren Sr.
Ellen was married to George Henry Hendren, son of James Louis Hendren.
The photo was taken about. 1945
George William Hendren Sr.

The Following Photos are from Ruthton, Minnesota

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Mikkelsen Family (before 1911)
Anna, Carl, Hans, Caroline
Jens Mikkelsen, Marie

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Anna Mikkelsen
Nels Chris Swendsen

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4 Generations in 1945
Lavina Swendsen, Carol Currie,
Anna Mikkelsen Swendsen, and Marie Hansen Mikkelsen
Marie Hansen Mikkelsen, and Carol Currie
1945 - Ruthton

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May 1949
The Swendsen Family
  1. Chuck King
  2. Don Currie, holding Janice
  3. Lavina Currie
  4. Nels Swendsen
  5. Tad Ford
  6. Merel Swendsen
  7. Wanda holding Lynda
  8. Thelma Ford
  9. Lynn Ford
  10. Dow Ford
  1. Anna Swendsen
  2. Marian Swendsen, holding Sandy
  3. Carol Jean Currie
  4. Charles Ellsworth King
  5. Donna Mae King
  6. Judith Swendsen
  7. Elaine Ford
  8. Jerry Ford
  9. Nina Ford
Not in the picture Marcia Swendsen

Pipestone Hospital - August, 1939