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Pipestone County Marriage Records, 1879-1891

This is the first of a series of marriage records from Pipestone County. They were extracted from the original books of marriages in the Office of the Court Administrator, at the Pipestone County Courthouse, 416 South Hiawatha Ave, Pipestone, MN. 56164. While care has been taken in the extracting and compling of these records, they are not to be considered as certified copies. Should you require a certified copy of an ancestor's record, you can obtain it at the address given above. Note that North and South Dakota did not become states until 1889, and therefore Dakota Territory is listed as residence for those who came east to Pipestone County to get married.©

Early marriage records for the Pipestone County Historical Society have been extracted by Sheri Cox and published in the Minnesota Genealogical Journal. The Pipestone County Museum appreciates the opportunity to provide an index of this information for our web visitors.

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